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Administrative Support

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We make the difference because

we are The Perishable Experts!

Our Administrative Support Team is proficient in every facet of the purchase order process. This encompasses order management, price and promotion validation, logistics oversight, invoice reconciliation, as well as claim and deduction management. Our staff demonstrates mastery of diverse retailer and manufacturer systems, ensuring accuracy and delivering excellence in order processing and customer service.

Call Center Headset

Customer/Vendor Support

Our team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, emphasizing quality, value, and service in our support for vendors and customers alike. As the primary communication link between these parties, we play a crucial role. Additionally, we offer essential backup support to complement our sales and retail services.


What We Do

Order Processing/EDI
Logistics: Shipping/Receiving
Pricing notification/Formula Pricing

Invoice reconciliation
Direct store calling for orders
Problem/complaint solutions

New item set up
Inventory management
Selling off distressed product

Business Management

Our team is adept at understanding our client's goals, objectives, and financial projections. We offer comprehensive support for current and projected financing requirements, conduct thorough market analysis, and oversee our client's marketing strategy.

What We Do

Develop, document and implement business plans, processes and procedures.
Identify project issues and develop resolutions to meet productivity.
Identify new opportunities to add business value.
Identify risks and develop mitigation plans.
Planning fiscal budgets
Sales forecasting
Promotional sales calendar
Post sales analysis of programs
Manage all trade spending


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